About Shree Chitaranjan Convent School

The school was established in 2003 under the "Shree Chitaranjan Educational Society" able and competent guidance of the Founder Shree Chitaranjan Das Jaiswal (President) and Mr. Dileep Kumar Jaiswal (Director). A name to reckon in the field of education by the motivation of Principal, Mr. N.Z. Siddiqui (Principal, J. High School) and Mrs. Laxmi Tiwari (Principal, Primary School) with 50 students in the first batch. Since then, this school is successfully continuing its mission of enlightening the path of over thousand students.

Shree Chitaranjan Convent School’s main building has the school office, class rooms and big ground for students. It is a large G+3 storied building with well lightened and fully ventilated class rooms.

The classes are provided with well equipped modern electronic appliances in good running condition.

The school is situated at a very prime location of Mariahu Town Area surrounded with lush green environment. Apart from the existing main building, continuous extension & improvements of school are on their way. There are 22 well maintained class rooms, library, laboratories, halls, computer lab etc. The school premise also has a small maintained nursing room for medical aid, provided with honorary doctor.

The large school ground has a small beautiful garden, a badminton court, a large playing field, facility for conducting and performing judo/music/dance etc.

About the Director

It is a law of nature that “as you sow, so you reap”. In whatever way one wants the surroundings to react to him; his behavior toward the surroundings must be in accordance with that. This is the fundamental principle of making the best use of one's surroundings and the greatest example of this Mascim is Mr. Dileep Kumar Jaiswal.


Shree Chitaranjan Convent School was founded by Shree Chitaranjan Das Jaiswal, Founder President. He laid the corner-stone in 2003 with the vision of imparting real education from very tender age using innovative teaching methods. He had the belief that every child is a potential prodigy and that it is for the teachers to recognize and nurture it. The vision is to build a future generation of upright, responsible citizens. Shree Chitaranjan Convent School offers the best of words- the Traditional and the Modern, the Spiritual and the Temporal. We offer the students the world class quality education simultaneously students inculcate moral and spiritual values also. Thus Shree Chitaranjan Convent School experience makes the student a well balanced individual ready to take on life’s challenges. Shree Chitaranjan Convent School, accepts day scholar students on merit whereas it provides facilities for Day Boarding and crèche for working parents also.

Quality Teachers

Teachers are responsible for imparting Quality Education as well as moral values through their personal conduct and example. In Shree Chitaranjan Convent School teachers come from around the globe and have exemplary character. Teaching includes aesthetics in Art, Literature and Science with emphasis on practical training methodologies. Shree Chitaranjan Convent School teachers include may science post graduates who will impart science and mathematics education along with hands on field learning. Students are privileged to study in a framework that is an interesting blend of both east and west getting best of both.

Co Curricular: The Big Picture

Students at Shree Chitaranjan Convent School actively participate in many sporting and co-curricular activities. They are provided sporting facilities like Badminton, Basket Ball, Cricket, Yoga, Football, and other sports to excel under the watchful guidance of our physical training teachers. They also learn musical instruments, art and craft, dance and drama. Students also compete and perform in sporting and cultural events. Summer Camps are also organized every year.

Academic Curriculum

Small class rooms allow better teacher-student interaction. The emphasis is met on rate learning, but on understanding of the core concepts underlying subjects such as science, computer, language, mathematics social and environmental studies through hands on field learning, laboratory experiments and various social and cultural interactions. The students develop a high level of proficiency in English. There is a continuous interval assessment of the students.

Spiritual Life: Live & Learn

Fundamental and unique aspect of the Shree Chitaranjan Convent School's experience is regular moral teaching practices. Both teachers and students follow basic tenets of spiritual values, truthfulness, cleanliness, compassion and austerity.


All Classrooms, Playground, Passage area centrally covered by CCTV cameras.

Notice Board

Director's Message

It has been 18 years, though it seems like yesterday that I embarked on a journey by founding Shree Chitaranjan Convent School,

Principal's Message

J. High School

Time flies, and I can look back with satisfaction at the achievements of the past 18 years. The school has grown in leaps and bounds,

Principal's Message

Primary School

I strongly believe that education cannot be commercialized and has declined offers to open franchisees. Handling babies of 3 to 5 years age group is