Students who have attended recognized school which, teach in English Medium and are able to receive instruction through the medium of English at their level are considered for admission, also those who want to make their starting with an English Medium Standard School can also apply.

Admissions are normally made in March against existing vacancies on the basis of entrance tests and interviews. Application for admission are entertained only for the classes in which vacancies are anticipated, and from such date as may be notified every year on the Schools Notice Board in February. Registration may be closed any time at the discretion of Principal. The minimum age for the admission at Nursery class is 3 years above on April 1st Current Year.

Registration does not Guarantee Admission, which will be subject to suitability & availability of vacancies.

As there are limited numbers of vacancies it may not be possible to admit all those who satisfy the prescribed conditions. Admissions will be on the basis of merit, without prejudice to the Principal’s right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.

Admission to the school is subject to the condition that consolidated fees for the year will be have to be paid, if the student is withdrawn at any time later than 30th of June.

A student will not be enrolled in any class until He/she produces a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. The transfer Certificate needs to be countersigned by the Inspector of school if the candidate is from another state. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.

The school provides education from Nursery to Higher Secondary School. If follows the pattern from the Council for CBSE Board, New Delhi and prepares the students on those guidelines (ten year course).

The subjects are taught English language and literature, Hindi language and literature, Sanskrit, Environmental Education, Mathematics, Art, Moral Science, General Knowledge, Needle Work, Craft, Computer Studies, Dance and Physical Education.

A high standard of education/instruction is maintained by a fully trained and qualified staff. The main objective of the school is to provide students with a sound moral, physical and intellectual education.

Our strong faculty is continuously involved with designing courses-teaching, co-curriculum and consulting programmes apart from student counseling. Their experience, practitioner-oriented teaching and consultation to a wide range of experts, separate them from others. Consulting brings the faculty into contact with real life problems and thus greatly enriches teaching & their contribution to the child. It adds experience & generates to know more. Hence the students get much more from the faculty in terms of experience & relevant content. Their rich experience is augmented by their drive and intensity.

After every topic, feedback from the students is taken; it puts a lot of positive pressure on faculty to perform better.

The faculty and teaching pattern here are fairly well oiled, structured and well developed. Reports based on assessment of student’s work are distributed twice in each academic year for classes Nursery to 12th. The First Assessment of student’s progress is evidence in class tests which are held between August and Second Reports are of marks obtained in October.

Examinations are conducted twice in a year, Half-yearly Examinations in October and Final Examination in March. If for any reason the report is not received, parents/guardians are requested to contact the school’s office immediately.

A child who is absent for a test or the paper, forfeits the marks completely. The decision of the school authorities with regard to eligibility to sit for any internal/external assessment is final.

A minimum of 75% Attendance is compulsory to be eligible for promotion. A pupil, who fails and is not promoted to the next class, may not be permitted to the school in the following year. Any child who fails twice in the same class will under no circumstances be permitted to return to the school. In case of Preparatory, Section, reports based on continuous assessments in every month of student’s work are distributed in Parents Meeting conducted every month. Examinations are conducted twice in a year as discussed above. The decision of school’s authorities regarding promotion is final and will not be reconsidered nor there be any retest.

A fine of Rs. 100/- will be levied for the loss of Report Card. Parents are to return the Report Cards after signing.

All test-notebooks are sent home regularly and parents are required to sign every test as an indication that they are aware of their Child’s Progress in the school. Parents should check the School Diary daily for any Notice that may be issued. Daily Homework and Scheduled Tests are also recorded in the School’s Diary. Parents/ Guardians or other persons may not meet their children or any staff member during school’s hours without the previous sanction of the Principal, which must be obtained in writing.

The members of the staff may be seen on any working Saturday between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM only in case of students studying in Preparatory Classes. Parents are expected to visit the school regularly for all function and encourage their children to participate in all co-curricular activities which form an integral part of the school education programme to the Principal permission.

The last Saturday of the month is reserved for Parents-Interactions with teachers. Parents can speak about their child’s progress/any problem/suggestions to the staff members in requisite language. Parents are supposed to reach the school on time and meet the staff in their given time only and co-operate.


Monthly tuition fee must be paid by the 1st to 10th Date of the current month, otherwise late fee Rs. 10/- For each Day will be charged. In case the tuition fee is not paid three consecutive months then name of student will be struck off from the school and Rs. 1000/- will be charged for re-admission.


1. The fees must be deposited between 1st to 10th on working days of the month at the school’s fee counter.
2. Computer fees to be paid by all students for class 1st to 12th.
3. After the above fixed date, fines will be levied on fees as per the rules given on fee card.
4. No student will be permitted to attend the classes if the fees for him/her are not paid in any condition.

School Discipline:

All the students are bound to contribute to the high tone of school by his/her manners and department. Parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity of attendance and discipline and taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the school. A student found guilty of gross misconduct may be asked to be withdrawn immediately from the school.

Once a student attends the School he/she will not be allowed any sort of leave. In case of emergency, the children will be escorted home with the parents with written permission of the Principal/Vice-Principal.

Books, note-books, bags, tiffin-box etc. should bear the name of owner. The School will not be responsible for such anything that gets lost.

Please don’t send your child with any precious articles, Mobile etc. Otherwise the school will not be responsible if the article gets lost.

The following may be interpreted as constituting gross misconduct:

a) Truancy from either Assembly or Class.
b) Habitual of Late Coming.
c) Shortage of Attendance.
d) Indifference towards studies.
e) Rudeness or Insubordination to the School Authorities.
f) Cheating during a Test or Entrance.
g) Any other act that in any way harms the school.

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